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get Planting

During this time of uncertainty it's important to have activities that focus the mind so we can feel productive.  Planting seeds can be a really good way of doing something practical in a mindful way.  

It also encourages daily routines with watering & checking on progress.


Time for you

Have you had anytime to yourself today?

Checking in with your emotions on a daily basis can help to prevent overwhelm & confusion.  Keeping a daily record of how you're feeling will help.

Making time for yourself in the morning or evening can encourage a sense of calm. 

If you're struggling for time away from the family just allowing yourself a 5 minute shower in a mindful way can be a good option.

Notice the smells, sounds & feeling of the water.  Check in with your feelings & acknowledge your emotions without judging them.

Activate the senses

What are your favourite smells, sounds, sights & textures?

Activating your senses can help you to feel safe.  Often smells or sounds bring back memories & images.

Focusing on these allows the feelings to come flooding back & stimulates a sense of calm & happiness.

Ride the wave

Emotions can feel difficult to manage - imagining them as waves can help.

Just as waves rise up & peak they also come back down to calm waters again.

Try to ride the wave of your emotion until it passes.

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